September 16, 2018 on 3:59 am

Shopping for fall and school can become an expensive undertaking, since you have to purchase back-to-school supplies, backpacks, electronics, clothing and many other things within short time frame. Weather usually turns quickly once September comes and if you live in colder climate, she may also need a winter coat or boots.  I understand this since I’m also a parent and always dressed my daughter in boutique clothing.




I decided to write this short article, to give you some ideas about how to shop on a budget and not to go broke by mixing-and-matching several items to create a wardrobe for fall and winter this season. Many times, we base our buying decision on price and not on the functionality of item or it’s usefulness. I’m just a s guilty of this myself. So many times, I would go in the store and see something affordable and cute and I would buy it. Then I would come home and realize that I have absolutely nothing in my wardrobe that would look good with this. Which means that I would need to spend more money to  make an outfit. I still make this mistake, but I’ve learned over the years, that it’s better to buy less and maybe at higher price than having full closet off mismatched things. So we would like to show you some of the items from our Fall 2018 Collection that would mix and match well and are absolute must haves.




This first grouping shows 4 items from Hannah Banana that all mix and match together, depending on the age and the look you are trying to achieve, this Sparkly Hannah Banana Tulle Skirt  looks great with all other 3 pieces and makes 3 different outfits. let’s expand little more, let’s add another grouping and see what else can be added to expand the wardrobe.



Ok, so we add 2 more items, Autumn Cashmere Sweater w/Black Pleated Back and Ragdoll & Rockets Black Faux leather Pants. Both of these mix and match perfectly with all 4 items from previous grouping, especially with the skirt and leather jacket. The leather pants and not just your regular  pants, they are super nice with soft suede on the inside and are perfect for winter.


Need more casual options for school ? No problem, let’s add a couple more. Let’s add Plaid Ragdoll & Rockets Shirt & Dropped Shoulder Winter Bloom Ruffle top, both of them are perfect with black faux leather pants



We could keep going and keep adding more, but I think you got our point. These 9 pieces will look great together and give unlimited outfit options, especially if you give it a little bit more thought and incorporate this into her existing closet. Stay tuned, we’ll be back with another post about mixing and matching!

Oh, and you are wondering why we added that Cosmic Cutie Dress by Hannah Banana on top of this blog? This just an overall great party dress and will look fabulous with black leather jacket, especially in tween sizes

August 11, 2015 on 4:18 pm

Fashionistas and food-lovers don’t always have lot in common, so who would expect fashion designers to take styling advise from the culinary arts? And that’s exactly what they are doing for fall 2015. This season’s attempt at print mixing invites a little bit of everything to the table. With a dash of cheetah print here and spot of polka dots there, designers are taking a more-is-better approach to the print making, creating a whirlwind of whimsical and quirky fashions for tween girls  and little girls alike. Girls fashions are often accented with glitter and sequins to make it even more over the top. And as prints become more more vivid and realistic in part to advancement in print making, this mixing trend is sure to continue well into Spring 16.

Here are some of the examples from our fall 15 offers:

Truly Me Tween Maxi Dress Floral & Chevron Fall 15 

maxidress1              polkadotdress


October 3, 2014 on 3:32 am

Leaves are turning yellow, one of my favorite seasons is here. Holidays will be upon us very shortly too. October is the time when most of us schedule Holiday photo sessions and kids have pictures taken at school. These pictures are important  because they create  precious memories of the childhood that will last for years to come. Personally, I save all of my daughter’s little mementos, thinking that one day, when she has her own kids, she would like to open the box and show it all to her own children. However, shopping for a Holiday outfit for your little girl can be stressful if not approached correctly. After all, she doesn’t  need just a dress, which would be fairly easy to find, but she also needs matching headband, shoes, tights and sometimes a shrug to keep her warm.  If you are in the same boat as I’m, you probably know how hard it is to find all that in one place.

Unfortunately, my 14 year old outgrew kid sizes recently,  so  I can’t just go to the warehouse and pick something cute for here, like I used to when she was younger.  Now I have to go shopping someplace else.  And of course, she has to approve everything I buy for her. On many occasions, I tried to go to the mall and get everything I needed in one or two stores,  but it was virtually impossible. By the time, I found a dress ( if I was lucky),  I was so exhausted that I had no energy to look for matching shoes or accessories.  I also tried boutiques, but boutique stores usually carry a small selection and sizes are usually sold-out.  Having recognized that need, I realized that it would be nice to find everything you needed in one place. strives to be that one place.

We carry a wide selection of beautiful girls’ Holiday dresses, along with matching shoes, hair accessories, tights and socks and lots more. We even show matching accessories on the same page as the outfit in “You will like column”, which means that accessories shown there will match the dress. Unfortunately internet also has it’s limitations, due to various screen resolutions, items may appear different color than they actually are.  It may  appear that items don’t match at all because pictures were taken with different lighting or different camera.  The best way to decide is to see an actual item. And this is what we do here, we put accessories with the dress and see how it looks, before offering them as an outfit must have. If you are in doubt, you can always call or email our customer service and we will help you fin right accessories and answer any questions you may have about an item.

Of course, there are basic rules that apply to creating an outfit.  If you are going with solids, it’s pretty simple. Just make sure that your shade of red is the same or similar on your accessories. If you are more daring and love mixing colors, or the dress has multiple colors, make sure to alternate colors. For example, if you want to combine gold and ivory, (one of the most popular color schemes after red), make sure to alternate.  Example: Ivory headband, gold dress, ivory tights, gold shoes. You want to combine red and gold, do gold headband, red dress, ivory or beige tights, gold shoes. What if the colors are mixed? Well, if the bottom of the dress is gold, wear red tights, if the bottom of the dress is red, wear ivory or gold tights. Simple alternating is the best solution.

In some cases,  it is not so intuitive and easy, as I mentioned before, it’s not always easy to determine colors online, especially when you are trying to match something you already purchased. So I decided to put some of the Holiday looks together showing different looks with different types of accessories.

The first dress is beautiful Haute Baby “Ivy Rose” Tween Slip Dress.

haute baby Ivory Slip Dress    The colors on this dress are soft pink and golden beige, that shimmers and shines and is hard to describe or match. Haute Baby already offers    matching ivory and beige bow and ivory shrug. But is is the only option? Of course not.  One of the options would be Coastal Projections Sparkly Golden Beige Sequined Shoes w/Rosettes  paired with manufacturer’s bow or  Golden Rose Heaband by Kids Kapers.

Another route would be Coastal Projections Sparkly Light Pink Customs Sequined Shoes paired with light pink hair accessories. What if you want her to wear an ivory shrug? No problem,  pair it up with Coastal Projections Ivory Sequined Flower Sparkly Shoes w/Rosettes and an ivory

headband.  So many options are available.   Haute Baby "Ivy Rose" Tween Slip Dress

Ok, next item is  gorgeous Biscotti “Deck the Halls” Festive Red Drop Waist Holiday Dress.  This is a traditional rich red tulle bottom dress with sequined bodice and can be easily accessorized with red shoes and bow. But what if you want to try something different? No worries, we have that covered too. How about stunning Joyfolie Valeria Red Satin Holiday Girls Shoes w/Gold Bow & matching Couture Clips Large Gold Glitter Bow Headband. If you don’t want to spend extra money on headband, you can always use a small hair clip that comes with  Joyfolie Shoes free of charge.

Biscotti "Deck the Halls" Festive Red Drop Waist Holiday Dress


August 26, 2014 on 4:51 pm

Recently we have been getting quite a few new customers who are not familiar with the way pre-orders work. So we decide to write a little article explaining this interesting way of shopping.

To begin with, pre-orders are not commonly offered through large online retailers, they are only offered through smaller, more unique upscale boutiques that sell designer clothing. In short, pre-order is an advance purchase, similar  to layaway, but not quite the same. With layaway, you are putting aside something that is readily available in the store;  but with pre-order, you are purchasing something that has not been produced or has not  yet arrived to the store. At pre-orders are usually done for 2 seasons: fall/winter and spring/summer and are taken out of the current stock. In other words, you are pre-ordering items that we already ordered from the manufacturer and only limited quantities will be available for purchase. Fall/Winter pre-orders are usually offered from June to late August, for Spring/Summer from November to late February. Once items arrive to our store, they become “in-stock” items and can not be pre-ordered. Then is it called ” special order” and it’s not guaranteed. The reason is that when we shop for the season, we frequently order merchandise 3-8 months in advance, and most of our manufacturers cut-to-order. They do not cut any extra merchandise or cut very small amount in addition to what was already ordered. Some larger companies cut about 10% overstock and we can place “special orders” or get extra available stock from those companies.

Why pre-order?

Pre-order is a great way to shop early and to guarantee that your favorite items do not sell-out by the time shopping season starts. Good thing about pre-orders is that you don’t have to pay in advance, only charges 25% deposit once your order is received. We also offer flexible payment options, per customer request, we can charge 50% deposit, charge entire amount or not charge anything at all until you ask.  However with Paypal purchase you will be charged in full, that’s just how Paypal works. So if you are placing a pre-order and want to pay just a deposit, use regular credit card, this way you have more options. Pre-Orders are great way to shop for necessity items like winter coats & jackets, Holiday dresses or a matching pair of shoes that will be needed a month or two. Another great thing about pre-orders is that they ship Free, make sure to check all the announcements on the website and join mailing list to be aware of the promotions and coupons.Expected delivery  windows for pre-orders are always stated in item descriptions, but they are approximate and are not cut in stone, if you have a short time frame, you can always call us to confirm the expected delivery time.

Fall 2014 Pre-Orders

Fall 2014 Pre-Orders


April 26, 2014 on 4:38 am

After long and dreary winter, I’m sure you can’t wait to put away darker clothes and start wearing bight, summer colors. In this article we would like to highlight some of the top hues for Spring and Summer 14 that your kids are sure to enjoy.


Blue is  a New Pink this Season

Blue is always thought of as a traditional color for boys, however this Summer, many girls’ clothing designers incorporated this color into their collections. From stunning shimmering tulle dresses by Ooh La La Couture with Swarowski Crystals, to a trendy white and Blue China Print tunic dress by Laundry Girls and  sweet white and blue lace  eyelet creations by Halabaloo, almost girls clothing designers have created their own versions of beautiful girls frocks in vibrant blue hues. Some are more subtle than the others, some are more bold and patterned,  and almost all of them combined with silver, white or rhinestones. We feel that blue is a great alternative if you are getting tired of pink and it looks flattering with many types of complexions as proven by our little collage below.


Shop the blue trend now!

January 22, 2014 on 9:41 pm

As a boutique store owner, every so often, I get emails from my customers about starting an online store and how to find merchandise for your store.

So I decided to write a little bit  about this in our blog.

Sure, having a children’s clothing store it a lot of fun and is very rewarding emotionally, especially if you love kids and have lots of patience. I got into this business, because I loved to dress-up my own daughter and I love fashion in general. I learned about different brands by browsing Ebay and selling second hand clothing on it. Then I started purchasing new clothing and reselling it on auction sites. It took me several years to figure-out what’s hot and what’s not.

For stay at home moms who  have some free time and want to make a few extra bucks, it’s perfect. However, if you want to build a serious  business to  support your family, it’s not that easy.

There are many aspects to owning online clothing store. It’s 24/7 job as it requires so much more than just building a website and buying merchandise to sell. Retail business has very low margins, so you will not become rich overnight, if ever. To build a successful kids clothing store, you need to know about SEO, Online Marketing, Google, Facebook, Pinterest and other numerous Social Media venues. With constant algorithm changes by search engines, it is very hard to stay on top of the page, where customers can find you. So you need to figure this out yourself or to hire someone else to do it for you, which is very expensive. You also need to figure out what carriers offer the best shipping options, packaging, wrapping and so much more.

And here comes the fun part. Shopping for your store.  Let’s face it, many online store owners get into this business, because they love to shop.  But shopping for the store is very different that shopping for yourself. Let’s say you purchase a few thousand dollars of merchandise from the brand that you absolutely love, but your customers don’t feel that same love. What do you do? Bring it back and return it  like you would your own personal item? Not so fast, you can’t do it. You have to figure-out how to sell it without a loss or persuade your customers that this is an amazing clothing line that they absolutely can’t live without. So good marketing skills are a must.

To set it all aside, shopping is still so much fun for me. When you go to trade show, there is so much diversity as you see manufacturers form all over the world and get to talk to many people with a variety of backgrounds in manufacturing field. However, for the past few years, due to week economy, it has been increasingly difficult to find new quality lines that we would like to add to our store. I have the seen the trend that many store owners are selling the same tried and true brands that they have been selling for years. The downside to it is that there is too much competition, & customers are getting tired of seeing the same clothing all over again.  To keep your customers coming you need to find fresh new lines that they will appreciate & love.

This is why I was very excited when I found several new lines for our store for Spring 2014 Season. Those are: Ondade Mar Swimwear for Girls, Reina Mora Dresses and Cupcakes & Pastries. We will have a separate blog post about these lines, but I jut had to mention these.  Ondade Mar is my absolute new favorite. This collection is sold at upscale stores like Barneys, but I think we are the first online store to carry it, so you won’t find it on your next door kid at the pool. The quality of this line is amazing  and the prints are so fun! It’s good for little girls and tweens, but we mostly have it in tween sizes, we just received it and it’s ready to ship. They also have amazing  cover-ups and dresses, one of them is: Ondade Mar White Eyelet Dress/Cover-up.

Here are the pictures of some of my favorites form Spring 14 Ondade Mar Collection, have fun shopping and ask questions if you’d like about his post or in general.



August 29, 2013 on 8:00 pm

From holiday parties to school pictures, casual play dates to family gatherings, Isobella & Chloe offers a gorgeous selection of special occasion dresses and every day outfits that’s as just as adorable as it is affordable. This designer is known for the ability to capture the innocence of youth, while still incorporating a fashion-forward style that your little girl or tween will absolutely adore. Plus, Isobella & Chloe loves to offer headbands and hair accessories that match their dresses and outfits, making it easy for you to create a simply stunning head to toe look.

But pretty dresses aren’t the only thing that this unique designer brand is known for; Isobella & Chloe also creates swimwear for little girls and tweens. And whether its for that tropical winter vacation or summertime fun, you won’t want to miss Ciao Bella, Isobella and Chloe‘s super-cute swimwear collections.

In fact, it’s not a surprise that Isobella and Chloe has been the recipient of 2012 Earnie Awards — a prestigious annual competition that’s been recognizing the best in design excellence in children’s clothing for more than 35 years — in multiple categories, including Best Dresswear and BestSwimwear.  sobella & Chloe "Heather" 2pc Warm Taupe Color Ruffle Hem Girls Dress

Isobella & Chloe got its start as an offshoot of Best of Chums International Inc.. Since 2000, Best of Chums created baby booties, onesies, hoodies and gift sets, all done up in unique, hard-to-find color combos, soft knitwear, whimsical, humorous styling, and innovative ready-to-give packaging. The line quickly grew in popularity and in 2006, the line released a small collection of special occasion dresses under the Isobella & Chloe brand.


Isobella & Chloe "Neverland" Exquisite Black & Blue Tiered Tulle Dress& Headband    Customer response was enthusiastically positive, and the line expanded to include more casual looks, knitwear, swim    wear, sister styles and coordinated hair accessories. Despite the brand’s explosive growth, Isobella and Chloe has remained true to their original — and unique — design vision: Creating innovative detailing and stylish, feminine looks that make every girl feel like a treasured princess.

Celebrity kids love Isobella and Chloe, too! Tween actress and singer Joey King, who’s starred in movies such as “Ramona and Beezus,” wore a gorgeous, white Isobella & Chloe frock in her role as Molly in 2011′s “Crazy, Stupid Love.”

Looking at the designer’s holiday dresses, its not hard to understand this brand’s popularity. This “Neverland” holiday dress for little girls exemplifies the brand’s attention to detail, with exquisite floral accents — all with hand-beaded centers — sparkling pailettes, and layer upon layer of tiered ruffles, all in rich jewel tones. And, of course, like so many special occasion Isobella & Chloe dresses, this one comes with a matching headband for effortless accessorizing. Isobella & Chloe "Sabrina" Blue Lace & Velvet Holiday Drop Waist Dress

But it’s not all about the little ones; for the tween in your life, Isobella and Chloe creates stunning confections that make any special occasion even more special. Case in point: The stunning “Sabrina” holiday dress, which combines rich, navy blue velvet with exquisite lace for a look that she’ll adore.

With a dropped waist silhouette, a lovely tiered skirt with contrasting hemline, ruffles and embroidered accents, and just-right floral detailing, this beautiful dress is sure to be her favorite for parties, school events and holiday celebrations, not to mention picture day.

Isobella & Chloe‘s Fall 2013 collection is available now. Don’t miss out on this amazing designer!

April 23, 2013 on 2:47 pm

To tweens and young adults, celebrities and fashion are extremely important. They want to imitate the fashion trends and outfits that they see on their favorite television shows and movies. They read magazines and watch fashion shows to see how they can imitate their favorite stars. The goal in all of this celebrity following is to buy tween brands and celebrity fashion that they see their idols wearing. The following blog post delves into these popular tween brands that are worn 8- to 14-year-old celebs.

Ooh La La Couture

Ooh La La Couture
Great things come when two best friends start their own business and create tween dresses and tween clothing for the everyday fashionista. That’s exactly what happened when Ohh La La Couture was launched in 2004. Their designs incorporate bright colors and patterns that are adorable, fun, and flirty. Disney star Bella Thorne, Emily Grace Reaves, and Noah Cyrus are some tween celebrities that have been seen wearing their cute designs from the streets to movie premiers and other events. Alanna Palombo brought Ohh La La Couture to millions of children and teen girls when she wore their designs in the movie Standing Ovation: Dance-Sing-Dream.

Sara Sara

Sara Sara
Celebrity babies and teens rock these cute and simple outfits on an everyday basis and are can easily be worn to a movie premier. Their clothing is made with age-appropriate designs, colors, and patterns that can show any teen or child’s true uniqueness and individuality. Ryan Newman is a popular celebrity teen that has been seen wearing Sara Sara outfits to premiers, public events, and as everyday wear. Turning right around, at the other end of the age spectrum is Real Housewives of NY reality star Cindy Barshop’s daughters. Clothing by Sara Sara has something for everyone from babies and toddlers to tweens, making this tween brand a big hit with parents as well. Sydney Rouviere chose a Sara Sara dress to wear at the premier of the movie The Change Up. Sara Sara, Baby Sara, and Hannah Banana, and Truly Me are divisions of GBYM and provides hundreds of tweens with the perfect outfit for any occasion.

Zoe Limited

Zoe Limited
Children and tween fashion make a big splash in the fashion district of New York City, which is where Zoe Limited’s headquarters is located. All of their fashion-forward designs are sewn and styled with current trends, leaving their clothing adored by many tweens. Maggie Elizabeth Jones sported a gold sequin dress with black mesh to add some texture and help her glisten on the red carpet at the premier of the movie Identity Theft. Emily Alyn Lind also showed off a Zoe Limited design at the premier of Wont Back Down and looked cute wearing a white dress with a touch of black lace. Tahlullah Willis was the first girl to put Zoe Limited on the map. She wore a white coat over a lace overlay tween dress to the premier of the movie Whole Ten Yards that was released in 2004. To stay on top of tween fashion trends, check out Zoe Limited’s bridal, baby, sale, and accessories as well as their full collections.

Kiddo by Katie

Kiddo by Katie
Started in 1992, Kiddo by Katie provides tween girls with fun and age appropriate designs that are perfect for the 8- to 14-year o-ld that wants to dress to impress with trendy clothing. Mary Mouser wore a simple dress from the Kiddo by Katie line with leopard print belt and matching clutch. Her blue shoes really popped on the purple carpet that was rolled out for the Power of Youth Event in 2011. That same year, actress Ciara Bravo wore a flirty black dress with a large bow and metallic shoes to the Kid’s Choice Awards. At the same award show, Sammi Hanratty also was spotted wearing a Kiddo by Katie-designed off-the-shoulder top and jean shorts.

Les Tout Petits

Les Tout Petits
New Jersey based, Les Tout Petis has been creating beautiful tween dresses and outfits in a plethora of colors, styles, and patterns since 1984. Their “mosaic peacock” dress worn by Sasha Obama was such a huge hit that the company received many calls for that same dress. Because of this large request for the dress that was worn to the Kid’s Inagural Ball, Les Tout Petis decided to give back to a local charity called Kids in Distressed Situations that helps many poverty stricken children and families each year. They donated 10% of each dress sold to the charity, which just helped the company gain even more popularity. Les Tout Petits design was also spotted by paparazzi on Alabama Barker wearing a tan spaghetti strapped tan dress when she was out with her father, Travis Barker.

Turo Parc

Turo Parc
Based in Barcelona and New York, Turo Parc has a handful of beautiful elegant looks for the glamorous tween that needs a beautiful dress or outfit for any occasion. Singing star and actress Jackie Evancho wore a beautiful grey dress with petals from Turo Parc on the show The View where she sang Music of the Night and wowed audiences and viewers everywhere with the sound of her voice. She then wore a blue velvet dress to the premier of her first appearance on the silver screen in the film “The Company You Keep.” The contents of her closet doesn’t stop there! Evancho wore a layered brown dress on the Rachel Ray Show where she also sang Music of the Night from her CD Songs from the Silver Screen.

Luna Luna Copenhagen

Luna Luna Copenhagen
In 2009 many people fell in love with Michelle Obama’s fashion forward outfits that she wore to public gatherings, political events, and everyday. The designers at Luna Luna Copenhagen created a dress that looked similar to Michelle’s inaugural dress called the Flowery Fairy. The clothing line doesn’t stop there. Daughter of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, Violet Affleck, was spotted splashing around at the beach wearing a flowery swim diaper cover. Halle Berry’s daughter, Nahla Aubry was seen rocking a Luna Luna Copenhagen cute grey long-sleeved dress with layered skirt. Their beautiful designs are made with comfort and style in mind, which is just what children and tweens are looking for in their clothing.

Little Mass

Little Mass
Getting its start making high quality women’s apparel, Mass Creation, Inc. branched out to create Little Mass to create children’s clothing. They went on to create Le Pink and Tru Luv, which are two branches of Little Mass that make beautiful children and tween clothing. Early this year, Lou Klum and Leni Klum, Heidi Klum’s daughters were spotted wearing Little Mass and Tru Luv clothing not once, but twice. Skai Jackson, also known as Zuri Ross on the hit Disney show Jessie wore a cute purple dress with a tutu like skirt and a glittery heart on top during one of the episodes.

If you’re looking for a cute outfit for your daughter to wear to a special event, vacation, or family portraits, consider checking out these tween designers that have been turning heads of tabloids and celebrities for many years. Each designer provides a special touch that makes each piece unique and beautiful for the tween girl in your family.

March 8, 2013 on 5:00 pm


Spring is in the air and you know what that means – Easter is just around the corner! This special holiday is the perfect time to get together with friends and family to celebrate the season of renewal. And along with all of the holiday festivities comes a host of events, from church gatherings to school functions to garden parties.Moxie & Mabel Hot Pink Amelia Tulle & Butterflies Easter Dress

With so much to celebrate, you want your daughter to look her beautiful best. What better way to usher in the change of seasons than with a gorgeous new Easter dress!

The search for that perfect dress can feel a bit like a treasure hunt. After all, there are so many styles, shapes and colors of girl’s Easter dresses to choose from – and they all would look so cute on your special girl!  These tips will help you narrow it down and find the perfect Easter dress for your baby, toddler, little girl or tween.

Start the Search Early

First, give yourself some time to look. Today’s designer girls’ dresses offer an extremely wide range of colors, fabrics, embellishments and silhouettes from which to choose, and if you don’t have an idea of what you’re looking for, the choices can seem overwhelming.

But your girl’s taste and look are unique, so it’s important to find the very best match for her particular style. Browse through a few magazines to get some ideas of what the latest fashions are before you start searching in earnest. Note the colors and fits that look best on your girl: Do you want a short or long look? A classic A-line skirt or an intricate tulle confection?

You don’t need to know exactly what you want, but a rough idea will help streamline the process.

Get the Perfect Fit

Next, make sure you get the perfect fit. Whether you’re seeking girls’ Easter dresses, special occasion girls’ dresses, or girls’ party dresses, a great fit can make all the difference!

Unlike most casual outfits, special occasion girl’s dresses are constructed from very high quality fabrics that don’t tend to stretch; that means they may fit a bit differently than, say, a jersey maxi dress or other, less formal clothes. That makes it extra important to get the perfect fit!Dolls & Divas Lilac & Floral Girls Easter Dress Bow Skirt

When you’re ordering online to get the best selection, take your girl’s measurements. Use a flexible measuring tape and take each measurement twice to ensure accuracy. Have your girl dress in the types of undergarments she’ll be wearing under her Easter dress and measure her:

  • Chest: Around the chest, directly under her armpits
  • Waist: Around her middle, at her natural waist – usually at the navel
  • Hips: Around the widest part of her bottom and hips
  • Dress Length: From the top of her shoulders to her ankle, calf and knee

Now that you’ve got her measurements, you can start shopping! When you find dresses that you like, compare her measurements to the size charts or size guides provided to ensure a great fit.

Special Considerations

If you’re shopping for baby girl dresses or toddler girl dresses, body shape doesn’t matter quite yet. But for little girl’s dresses and tween girl’s dresses, you should take body type into consideration.

I  Love Gorgeous Spun Sugar Beautful Easter Dress Pre-OrderIf her shape is tall, thin or both, consider choosing a mid-length special occasion dress with a full skirt. This way, you’ll avoid a too-short look, while the full skirt will complement her shape.

If her shape is bigger, you may want to avoid long or tight bodices. Instead, choose a forgiving silhouette, such as a bias cut or smocked bodice. The chest measurement is the most important for this body type.

Once you’ve found the perfect dress, allow enough time for ordering, shipping and alternations if necessary. A well-sized dress that flatters your girl’s body type and matches her unique style will make for a beautiful Easter!

December 10, 2012 on 3:51 am

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