January 25, 2014 on 2:00 pm

When it comes to designer girls swimsuits, we know that your child has a very specific taste. Thankfully, Ondade Mar swimwear has this season’s hottest looks for your little diva. Here are three little girl and trendy tween swimwear designs to help her look her best this season.

#1: Adorable One-Piece Little Girls Swimsuits

Ondade Mar Lavender Floral One-Piece Girls Swimsuit

Let your little princess shine with this one-piece swimsuit from Ondade. Available in a pretty lavender color, this style features brightly colored rose and garden floral pattern across the front. Fun bead embellishments and a criss-cross back make this one sweet and girly design she won’t want to miss out on! (Best of all, it is modest enough for younger girls or tweens not quite old enough to rock the bikini or two-piece style.)

Ondade Mar One-Piece Girls Swimsuit in Paisley Print

Your little girl will love this purple-hued one-piece swimsuit, which includes a spectacular paisley print. Glittery bead clusters adorn this suit, which includes ample coverage. The Brazilian-flare of this fun design comes from the Columbian company’s roots in local culture and fashion.

#2: Sassy Two-Piece Tween Girl Swimwear

Ondade Mar Two-Piece Paisley Print Beaded Bikini

When it comes to tween girl swimwear, this awesome two-piece paisley print bikini is the epitome of summer fun. You’re sassy sweetheart will be ready to rock the next pool party or beach outing with this great design, which includes beaded cluster embellishments and a vibrant neon paisley pattern. A halter top completes this totally cool look, making it a great choice for the girl who wants to stand out amongst her friends.

Ondade Mar Two-Piece Illusion Bikini with Fun Trim

She’ll look totally awesome in this bright two-piece bikini from Ondade Mar. Bold pink flamingo print is edged with neon turquoise piping, making it one of the most eye-catching looks we offer. With added ruffles, this suit is a great choice for going to the beach with her friends or heading to the local pool.

#3: The Perfect Swimwear Cover Up

Ondade Mar Ambrosia Girls Swimsuit Cover Up/Dress with Pom-Poms

Even after the fun in the sun is over, Ondade offers several trendy looks for your little girl. This sweet "Ambrosia" girls swimsuit cover up and dress includes a bold neon print—one of the hottest patterns for this season’s fashions. Pom-pom fringe in a bright yellow on the hemline and cap sleeves completes the look. Wear it over a one-piece or two-piece swim ensemble, or use it alone as a great summer outfit.

Ondade Mar White Lace Dress/Cover Up

This gorgeous fully-lined white lace dress can be used alone or as a swimsuit cover up. Designed to coordinate with other Ondade Mar pieces, it is feminine and fun, making it the perfect outfit for a summer picnic or outdoor party.

Each of these designs is high-quality and comes with adorable embellishments. Your little girl will look adorable and love these great seasonal pieces. Make this summer extra fun with designer girls swimsuits from Ondade Mar!

January 22, 2014 on 9:41 pm

As a boutique store owner, every so often, I get emails from my customers about starting an online store and how to find merchandise for your store.

So I decided to write a little bit  about this in our blog.

Sure, having a children’s clothing store it a lot of fun and is very rewarding emotionally, especially if you love kids and have lots of patience. I got into this business, because I loved to dress-up my own daughter and I love fashion in general. I learned about different brands by browsing Ebay and selling second hand clothing on it. Then I started purchasing new clothing and reselling it on auction sites. It took me several years to figure-out what’s hot and what’s not.

For stay at home moms who  have some free time and want to make a few extra bucks, it’s perfect. However, if you want to build a serious  business to  support your family, it’s not that easy.

There are many aspects to owning online clothing store. It’s 24/7 job as it requires so much more than just building a website and buying merchandise to sell. Retail business has very low margins, so you will not become rich overnight, if ever. To build a successful kids clothing store, you need to know about SEO, Online Marketing, Google, Facebook, Pinterest and other numerous Social Media venues. With constant algorithm changes by search engines, it is very hard to stay on top of the page, where customers can find you. So you need to figure this out yourself or to hire someone else to do it for you, which is very expensive. You also need to figure out what carriers offer the best shipping options, packaging, wrapping and so much more.

And here comes the fun part. Shopping for your store.  Let’s face it, many online store owners get into this business, because they love to shop.  But shopping for the store is very different that shopping for yourself. Let’s say you purchase a few thousand dollars of merchandise from the brand that you absolutely love, but your customers don’t feel that same love. What do you do? Bring it back and return it  like you would your own personal item? Not so fast, you can’t do it. You have to figure-out how to sell it without a loss or persuade your customers that this is an amazing clothing line that they absolutely can’t live without. So good marketing skills are a must.

To set it all aside, shopping is still so much fun for me. When you go to trade show, there is so much diversity as you see manufacturers form all over the world and get to talk to many people with a variety of backgrounds in manufacturing field. However, for the past few years, due to week economy, it has been increasingly difficult to find new quality lines that we would like to add to our store. I have the seen the trend that many store owners are selling the same tried and true brands that they have been selling for years. The downside to it is that there is too much competition, & customers are getting tired of seeing the same clothing all over again.  To keep your customers coming you need to find fresh new lines that they will appreciate & love.

This is why I was very excited when I found several new lines for our store for Spring 2014 Season. Those are: Ondade Mar Swimwear for Girls, Reina Mora Dresses and Cupcakes & Pastries. We will have a separate blog post about these lines, but I jut had to mention these.  Ondade Mar is my absolute new favorite. This collection is sold at upscale stores like Barneys, but I think we are the first online store to carry it, so you won’t find it on your next door kid at the pool. The quality of this line is amazing  and the prints are so fun! It’s good for little girls and tweens, but we mostly have it in tween sizes, we just received it and it’s ready to ship. They also have amazing  cover-ups and dresses, one of them is: Ondade Mar White Eyelet Dress/Cover-up.

Here are the pictures of some of my favorites form Spring 14 Ondade Mar Collection, have fun shopping and ask questions if you’d like about his post or in general.



January 4, 2013 on 5:00 am

When your little girl hits the pool or beach this summer, you want her to go out in style. Just because she’s a child doesn’t mean that she doesn’t deserve the very best. We are proud to introduce Stella Cove swimwear. This designer girls swimwear will make sure that your daughter is the best-dressed girl at the pool. The bright colors and inspired designs make Stella Cove swimsuits desired by all. But the style of Stella Cove swimsuits is not where it ends.

Sure, Stella Cove swimsuits are designed in Israel, so they do have some captivating prints and designs, but they are also made in Turkey. This means that they are withheld to the high European standards, producing high-quality swimwear that will keep your child safe and last a long time. Not to mention, it is also very comfortable. Your daughter will be able to run, swim, dive, and build sand castles with ease while wearing a Stella Cove swimsuit. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the swimsuit wearing down before your daughter grows out of it. In fact, it will even last long enough to re-use on a younger sister.

What more could you wish for in little girls swimsuits? Stella Cove swimsuits are durable, comfortable and fashionable. They are available in sizes 4-16 and offer everything you could want and more. Your daughter deserves the best, and Stella Cove gives her just that. Here is a sampling of what Stella Cove has to offer your little girl.

Stella Cove 1pc Girls Swimsuit Pink w/Exotic Birds

Your little girl will draw attention as she sprints to the pool in this beauty. Adorned with gorgeous blue nightingales resting atop cherry blossoms, this suit brings to life a paradise that is sure to be desired. Its attention to detail and subtle girly touches make it perfect for that special girl in your life. The comfortable fabric will alow your daughter to fully enjoy her day at the pool.

Stella Cove Sweet Floral 1pc Girls Swimsuit

When your little girl puts on this swimsuit, her sweet side is sure to shine through. The stunning array of flowers is elegant while still staying simple enough to be age appropriate. The pale blue background and yellow accents make it perfect for any girl. The bright and cheery pattern is sure to make your little girl feel confident, and the high-quality fabrics will let her show off that confidence with no worries.

Stella Cove 1pc Fun Graphic Print Tween & Little Girls Swimsuit

Any girl would be thrilled to hit the pool wearing this modern girl’s swimsuit. Its watermelon-inspired design is perfect for the summertime without being too girly. This swimsuit is perfect for girls of all ages. It is made out of 92% polymide and 18% spandex, so it is made to last through even the harshest conditions. Let your little girl be a kid without any worries with this high-quality swimsuit.

May 24, 2012 on 3:09 am

With Memorial Day weekend just a couple of short days away and swimming season approaching quickly, shopping for girls swimwear must be on many parents’ minds. With so many choices available in stores and online, it may seem like an easy task to choose a cute swimsuit for your little girl. However, it’s not that simple. Girls these days are much more selective and many prefer a certain style of swimsuit. Some of them won’t even look at the the bikini, some of them wear exclusively  1pc swimwear and  some prefer tankinis. Style especially matters for tween girls, who become aware of their bodies and are very selective in what they will put on, especially around friends. My 12 year old doesn’t want to hear about anything other that 1pc swimsuit and wants to cover as much as possible. Some of her friends however, only wear bikinis. So, when shopping for girls swimwear, it’s always a good idea to ask your child about the style preference, as many stores do not refund swimwear. If you are shopping for infant girl or toddler girl swimwear, you may want to consider a 2pc swimsuit, because that would make diaper changing much easier. It is not  fun pulling a wet swimsuit off the wiggling toddler. Worried about sun-burns? You may want to choose rash guard swimsuit.


 Looking for something cutesy with ruffles and sequins? Kate Mack is a way to go.

Another big consideration in purchasing designer girls swimwear  is quality of the garment. Kids spent a lot more time in the pool during summer than adults do, so their swimsuits get exposed to lot sof chlorine and sun. You don’t want to go shopping again after a couple of weeks of wear. That’s why it is  a good idea to purchase 2 or 3 at a time and make sure that you only buy best quality swimwear, you will save money in the long run. At Littlefashionsboutique, we carry only high quality brands like Kate Mack, Submarine  & Floatimini.  This girls swimwear is made with high quality lycra and has UV protection.

Another thing to remember while shopping for swimwear is sizing.  Swimwear brands run quite differently and some are cut quite small. For examle, Submarine Swimwear is cut only in even sizes and needs to be purchased a size-up. Floatimini is also cut on the small side and Kate Mack swimwear is cut more tru to size. Always ask questions before buying girls swimsuits- that will save money and time. Have fun shopping!

Subamrine Swimwear