September 30, 2015 on 1:30 am


I’ve been wanting to write about this super cut blazer by Baby Sara for awhile now. If Coco Chanel herself was alive today and she was  children’s clothing designer, she couldn’t come-up with a cuter jacket than this one. We absolutely love this Baby Sara blazer. Made with stylish textured ivory and pink fabric with gold thread, this adorable little girls blazer has really sweet rounded pockets with gold fringe trim that we love.  Other endless fun features are fancy gold buttons, golden fringe around the neckline and the sleeves, gold hardware zipper closure and scalp-shaped hemline. We also like the versatilty of this Chanel Inspired Little Girls blazer. You can easily wear it with the pants or leggings or you can pair it up with a fancy dress, like this Gold & Beige Sparkly sequined Dress by Baby Sara. Here are different way to wear this, we only tried a couple


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