September 17, 2014 on 11:30 pm

As back to school winds down and the hot days of summer slowly slide into the crisp mornings and warm afternoons of autumn, it’s time again for that annual tradition beloved by moms, grandmas, and aunties everywhere: Choosing the perfect fall girls’ jackets and winter girls’ coats for the coming season.

Adorable winter girls coatsYou want your little sweetie to stand out in the crowd — after all, she is a budding fashionista! — but you also want to ensure that you choose the right coat for the right occasion. Whether you live in a cold, snowy climate that requires down fill coats or faux-fur hoods, like on this adorable Creamie Long Hooded Winter Coat, to keep her toasty warm through the winter, or live in milder latitudes that experience chilly mornings and evenings with warmer days sandwiched in between, choosing the right girls’ coats and jackets for fall and winter is about so much more than simply how they look.

Rather, it’s essential to consider factors such as warmth, weight, weather resistance, and (OK, we admit it!) those coats had better be just as cute as your little girl is, too, so they blend seamlessly into the rest of her winter wardrobe! As you undoubtedly already know, nothing’s worse than getting her all dressed up for a special event, just to top off her stunning outfit with a clunky coat that doesn’t match — am I right?

Mack & Co microfiber & lighter fleece coatsThere’s really no reason why her winter coats and fall jackets shouldn’t be able to stand on their own, as fashionable objects d’art… or at least, as super cute and stylish outerwear that doesn’t detract from the rest of her impeccable wardrobe, like the always-spot-on designs from Mack & Co. With all of these factors to consider, we’d like to present our guide to choosing the perfect fall girls’ jackets and winter girls’ coats for your little one, so she’ll always look amazing — and be warm and toasty! — through the upcoming cold months.

The Perfect Fit

The first step in choosing the right coat is getting the right fit.Mim Pi coats Many moms might think that it makes sense to get a size bigger than their kiddo is wearing now, so she wear it again next winter. Not a good idea, says Savvy Mommy’s Victoria Pericon. Why? Because there’s no way to know exactly what size your girl will be next season, so chances are high that you’ll only get a single season out of it.

By next year, she’ll have likely outgrown this year’s model — and if it doesn’t fit just right, she’ll feel uncomfortable, too cold, and will be more likely to take it off. Plus, who wants to be stuck in last year’s styles? Not your little girl! So don’t take a risk. Choose an option that’s just the right fit & size, like this adorable heart print coat¬† from Mim Pi Fall 2014 collection.

For Colder Climes

If the weather outside is frightful, keep her warm and cozy with down fill coats in a rainbow of colors, from pink to teal, to match any outfit. Perfect for snowy days, One Kid down coats & thermal jackets will keep her comfy and let her play outside longer. Bonus: One Kid thermal jackets are reversible, so you’re getting two looks in one!

For Warmer Regions

If you live in a region with warmer winters — or you just need a lighter jacket for fall — considerKate Mack coats Kate Mack jackets fleece girls coats. Fleece is a perfect choice for little ones; it’s light, soft, and easy to maintain, not to mention keeps her warm without weighing her down.

Fleece is the perfect choice for those in-between days; it can even get all dressed up, like these gorgeous Kate Mack coats. Kate Mack jackets are known for their fashion-forward styling and adorable attention to detail, and the 2014 Fall and Winter collection is no exception!

Just because the weather’s getting colder doesn’t mean your little girl can’t still look stylish and unique. Check out our selection of winter girls’ coats and jackets — we known you’ll find just the right options for her wardrobe this fall!

And don’t forget to check-out a selection of adorable and stylish little and tween girls rain coats from Oil & Water for early fall.

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