August 26, 2014 on 4:51 pm

Recently we have been getting quite a few new customers who are not familiar with the way pre-orders work. So we decide to write a little article explaining this interesting way of shopping.

To begin with, pre-orders are not commonly offered through large online retailers, they are only offered through smaller, more unique upscale boutiques that sell designer clothing. In short, pre-order is an advance purchase, similar  to layaway, but not quite the same. With layaway, you are putting aside something that is readily available in the store;  but with pre-order, you are purchasing something that has not been produced or has not  yet arrived to the store. At pre-orders are usually done for 2 seasons: fall/winter and spring/summer and are taken out of the current stock. In other words, you are pre-ordering items that we already ordered from the manufacturer and only limited quantities will be available for purchase. Fall/Winter pre-orders are usually offered from June to late August, for Spring/Summer from November to late February. Once items arrive to our store, they become “in-stock” items and can not be pre-ordered. Then is it called ” special order” and it’s not guaranteed. The reason is that when we shop for the season, we frequently order merchandise 3-8 months in advance, and most of our manufacturers cut-to-order. They do not cut any extra merchandise or cut very small amount in addition to what was already ordered. Some larger companies cut about 10% overstock and we can place “special orders” or get extra available stock from those companies.

Why pre-order?

Pre-order is a great way to shop early and to guarantee that your favorite items do not sell-out by the time shopping season starts. Good thing about pre-orders is that you don’t have to pay in advance, only charges 25% deposit once your order is received. We also offer flexible payment options, per customer request, we can charge 50% deposit, charge entire amount or not charge anything at all until you ask.  However with Paypal purchase you will be charged in full, that’s just how Paypal works. So if you are placing a pre-order and want to pay just a deposit, use regular credit card, this way you have more options. Pre-Orders are great way to shop for necessity items like winter coats & jackets, Holiday dresses or a matching pair of shoes that will be needed a month or two. Another great thing about pre-orders is that they ship Free, make sure to check all the announcements on the website and join mailing list to be aware of the promotions and coupons.Expected delivery  windows for pre-orders are always stated in item descriptions, but they are approximate and are not cut in stone, if you have a short time frame, you can always call us to confirm the expected delivery time.

Fall 2014 Pre-Orders

Fall 2014 Pre-Orders


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