July 11, 2013 on 3:00 pm

Fall lurks in the near future, and that means one thing: It’s time to embark on a serious back to school shopping spree! As we all know too well, there’s nothing better (not) than taking a trip to the mall the week before school starts. As if battling traffic and pulling Pole Position maneuvers to grab the only available parking space before you even get in the door isn’t fun enough, then there’re the crowds. Lipstik Girls faux fur shrug fall 2013 preorder

Not only did everyone and their dog apparently have the same idea you did ("Oopsies, school starts in a week! Better go shopping!), they all seem to be waiting in the same — interminable — line. You know, because stores love to just have one register open on the busiest shopping day of the season. 

Worse, every single parent and grandparent at your friendly neighborhood mall is buying the Exact. Same. Outfits. Which is, of course, because that’s all the chain stores offer. But, hey, maybe you want your daughter to look like a clone of all the other girls in her classroom… in which case, stop reading and head to the mall. Have fun waiting in line!

Corky & Co winter coats

This year, make back to school shopping easy on yourself — and get the cutest, latest designer girls’ clothes out there so she’ll always stand out in the crowd – by shopping ahead of time from the comfort of home by pre-ordering from our online designer girls’ clothing boutique. We carry a full range of little girls’ dresses, winter girls’ coats and the most adorable girls’ designer clothing around. 

She needs a warm coat — so why not make it gorgeous? Corky & Co Coats 2013 line is available for pre-order now and features stunning jewel tones, vintage style and lux fabrics that’ll light up any chilly fall evening — all with matching accessories. 

Moxie & Mabel special occasion dresses Fall 2013For those special occasions that keep her calendar busy from autumn through the winter months – holiday parties, dinner at Grandma’s, church or temple services, school functions, family photo shoots — you’ll need a selection of picture-perfect little girls’ dresses. Don’t worry — we’ve got an amazing selection of girls’ special occasion dresses from designers like Laundry Girls, Biscotti, Isobella & Chloe, Little Mass and Moxie & Mabel. As for cute and casual everday outfits, the fall 2013 line from Haven Girl fits the bill — in fact, it’s already begun to arrive! All are available for pre-order right now, so you can eliminate the Mission-Impossible-esque task of finding a special occasion dress that actually fits — and doesn’t look absolutely hideous — on short notice. 

Best of all, if you place your fall pre-orders now, her gorgeous new clothes will arrive with plenty of time to spare. You’ll be sure to get the sizes you need before they’re all gone, and if tailoring is required, you’ll have time to get it done right. In fact, our online girls’ boutique has everything you need for back to school shopping — and you won’t even have to set foot in that crowded, overheated mall.