January 16, 2013 on 5:00 am

What combines frills and fashion with style and comfort? Ooh La La Couture girls dresses do. By creating comfortable clothing that lets your daughter’s personality shine through, Ooh La La Couture really designs to impress even the youngest fashionista. Their trademark tulle skirts and impeccably designed bodices will surely make your daughter the best dressed girl in town.

Ooh La La Couture was created in 2004 by two moms who wanted clothing for their daughters that enveloped their personalities: fun and funky while still being sweet and girly. Their vision grows every year as they continue to come up with new princess-worthy designs suitable for everyday wear and special occasions. The Hollywood elite even dress their girls in Ooh La La Couture.

The Ooh La La Couture girls dresses collection for 2013 does not disappoint. Your little girl will squeal with delight and she puts on the glamorous dresses with flowing layers of tulle that are just asking for her to twirl around in. The darling collection is full of all things magical and girly, including flowers, sparkles, and even Swarovski crystals. When wearing a dress by Ooh La La Couture, your sweet girl will definitely be the star of the show whether you are going to the grocery store or a birthday party.  oll_378-65928252

Ooh La La Couture Pink Swarovski Crystal Hi-Low Devin

Your little girl will feel like the belle of the ball when she wears this dainty gown adorned with real Swarovski crystals. This Ooh La La Couture hi low dress will inspire her to spin around with delight thanks to its beautifully-draped layers of fluffy tulle that would make any prima ballerina jealous. This perfect dress is available in three colors: pink, black, and ivory.



Ooh La La Couture Gorgeous White & Pink Tulle Roses Party Dress

When your little girl puts on this dainty dress by Ooh La La Couture, she will instantly become sweeter and more precious. The layers of pink tulle under the skirt give this dress a princess-like appearance, while the white tulle roses on the top are truly divine. Make sure to get the camera ready because you will not want to forget how beautiful your daughter looks in this dress.




Ooh La La Couture White & Black Wow Sweetheart Dress

This Ooh La La Couture tutu dress combines sugar and spice to create the perfect little girls dress. The shimmering bodice with the white heart shape and black background is sure to put stars in your daughter’s eyes. The tutu continues the sweetheart vibe with its perfect draping of sparkling white tulle. Any girl will feel like a princess while wearing this dress.

January 12, 2013 on 5:00 am

Your little girl fills your life with joy, happiness, and all things bright and cheery. Shouldn’t her shoes do the same for her? Shoes are the ultimate girls accessory, and there is no reason your daughter needs to wait to grow up to own a truly spectacular pair. Lelli Kelly understands what little girls are made out of, and they put all of their wonderful attributes into their shoes.

Twelve years ago, a husband and wife in Italy got together to create gorgeous, yet fun shoes for their little girl. They wanted something unique, girly, and very high-quality to meet all of their needs. Hence, Lelli Kelly was born. Lelli Kelly shoes are still designed & styled in Italy and are withheld to high European standards. Plus, every single shoe design is patented so that your little girl truly gets a unique look to complete her outfit.

In order to withstand all of the playing, jumping and twirling that your little girl does, Lelli Kelly girls shoes are made with only the best materials. The insides are made of leather  prevent your little girl’s feet from smelling after a busy day. They are padded with patented LATEX FOAM to prevent perspiration and  to keep her feet dry. The outer soles are made of lightweight rubber so nothing will hold her back. Plus, they are skid resistant to ensure her safety as she goes about her day.

With Lelli Kelly shoes, your little girl can have shoes that show off her wonderful personality. The bright and cheery colors and delicate designs will make every outfit look divine. lelli-kelly-hermione-fuschia-pink-mid-high-top-shoes-2.gif


Lelli Kelly Sky Blue Shopper Girl Beaded Girls Sandals

What girl doesn’t love to shop? These Lelli Kelly sandals focus on a girl’s favorite pastime with intricate beadings of shopping bags and purses. The pale blue background paired with the brightly-colored beads make for a stunning display that will make any little girl jump for joy. The leather materials will make these Lelli Kelly sandals last all summer long and the Velcro enclosures make them easy to slip on and off throughout the day. Your little girl will love being Mommy’s little helper in her shopper girl sandals.





Lelli Kelly Fuschia Patent Girls Ballerina Flats Shoes

Your little girl will love getting dressed when she gets to complete her outfit with these fun Lelli Kelly flats.. The pink glitter will look great whether your girl is dressing up for a special occasion or simply wearing her favorite leggings to the park. She will feel all grown up with the sparkly bow adorning her toes. These flats are the epitome of all things girly, combining pink, glitter, and bows to make the perfect shoe for your girly girl.  Lelli Kelly Sparkly Fuschia Patent Girls Ballerina Flats Shoes Spring 13


Lelli Kelly Pink Glitter Princess Tiara MJ Shoes

Bring out your daughter’s inner princess with these fun Lelli Kelly Mary Janes. She will feel like royalty as she wears these pink glitter shoes with exclusive tiara beading. The flower accents in blue and white help these shoes coordinate with a variety of outfits. You daughter will live like the princess she is as she romps about in these perfect princess shoes.

Lelli Kelly Green Fantasy Beautiful Mid Top Girls Shoes

If your little girl loves to run around and explore then these Lelli Kelly high-tops are the perfect shoes for her. The bright green background, hot pink sole and laces, and stunning beaded flowers make these shoes girly enough that she can show off her sweet personality while still allowing her to perform all of her fun daily activities with proper coverage. So let her run through the puddles and dance in the rain and let the shoes take care of the rest.  All of these Lelli Kelly styes and lots more are now available for pre-order at littlefashionsboutique.com.

January 4, 2013 on 5:00 am

When your little girl hits the pool or beach this summer, you want her to go out in style. Just because she’s a child doesn’t mean that she doesn’t deserve the very best. We are proud to introduce Stella Cove swimwear. This designer girls swimwear will make sure that your daughter is the best-dressed girl at the pool. The bright colors and inspired designs make Stella Cove swimsuits desired by all. But the style of Stella Cove swimsuits is not where it ends.

Sure, Stella Cove swimsuits are designed in Israel, so they do have some captivating prints and designs, but they are also made in Turkey. This means that they are withheld to the high European standards, producing high-quality swimwear that will keep your child safe and last a long time. Not to mention, it is also very comfortable. Your daughter will be able to run, swim, dive, and build sand castles with ease while wearing a Stella Cove swimsuit. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the swimsuit wearing down before your daughter grows out of it. In fact, it will even last long enough to re-use on a younger sister.

What more could you wish for in little girls swimsuits? Stella Cove swimsuits are durable, comfortable and fashionable. They are available in sizes 4-16 and offer everything you could want and more. Your daughter deserves the best, and Stella Cove gives her just that. Here is a sampling of what Stella Cove has to offer your little girl.

Stella Cove 1pc Girls Swimsuit Pink w/Exotic Birds

Your little girl will draw attention as she sprints to the pool in this beauty. Adorned with gorgeous blue nightingales resting atop cherry blossoms, this suit brings to life a paradise that is sure to be desired. Its attention to detail and subtle girly touches make it perfect for that special girl in your life. The comfortable fabric will alow your daughter to fully enjoy her day at the pool.

Stella Cove Sweet Floral 1pc Girls Swimsuit

When your little girl puts on this swimsuit, her sweet side is sure to shine through. The stunning array of flowers is elegant while still staying simple enough to be age appropriate. The pale blue background and yellow accents make it perfect for any girl. The bright and cheery pattern is sure to make your little girl feel confident, and the high-quality fabrics will let her show off that confidence with no worries.

Stella Cove 1pc Fun Graphic Print Tween & Little Girls Swimsuit

Any girl would be thrilled to hit the pool wearing this modern girl’s swimsuit. Its watermelon-inspired design is perfect for the summertime without being too girly. This swimsuit is perfect for girls of all ages. It is made out of 92% polymide and 18% spandex, so it is made to last through even the harshest conditions. Let your little girl be a kid without any worries with this high-quality swimsuit.