May 31, 2012 on 2:25 pm

As parents, we will go to lengths to get the best out of everything for our kids. It doesn’t matter if its toys, food or clothing, a parent would always get the best to give to their children. When it comes to clothing, parents would always choose the best brands to make their kids look good wherever they are. Designer labels nowadays are very easy to find. There are stores in malls which are near you and of course, utilizing the internet for online shopping. While there are some benefits to buying clothes in stores near you, some of these usually have knock-offs that are being passed off as originals in some stores. In order to be sure about the designer kids clothes  that you are buying for your children, going online is a reasonable choice. Of course, you have to be careful about websites for designer labels. If you are looking for designer clothes for your children, try going to They have a huge collection of designer girls clothes guaranteed to make your child look beautiful in every sense of the word. You can be sure that their products are of the best quality which is what your child deserves.

If you are a working parent, then sometimes, it takes a lot of time and effort to go to shopping malls just to buy your child a beautiful designer party dress. Online clothes shopping is a very good option for looking at clothes to buy for your child. What offers you is the chance to choose from a wide range of clothing from special occasion girls dresses, tween clothing, infant girl clothing & dresses, toddler girl clothing & dresses, everything for little girls- size 4 to 6X, tween girls dresses, winter coats, girls swimwear, casual outfits for girls, boys clothing, unique and extraordinary girls shoes and accessories. It’s hassle free because you only have to click for the clothes of your choosing. You can be sure that they have a very good customer service. Quality will always be ensured for you and your child.

Of course, when you are shopping online, you have to make sure that you are buying designer clothing from a very reputable online store. In, you can be sure that you will get the quality that your child deserves. Dresses are made by very creative US and European designers.

When you are shopping online, there are many advantages. First of all, it will be very convenient for you because you just have to sit in front of your computer and click on the dresses of your choice. Second, you don’t have to go to shopping malls and pay for gasoline, toll fees, maybe your fare. It is a very practical option when you are going shopping.

If you’re looking for discounts, offers seasonal discounts on certain items. You will have the luxury of getting more by paying less. You can give your child the best quality clothing while paying less. That will give you a significant amount of savings. Every parent wants that. Read the home page of the website to know what kind of discounts they are offering right now. You can also join their mailing list to receive weekly emails with current discounts and promotions.

your child the best clothing that he or she deserves. Shop now at and see for yourself.

May 24, 2012 on 3:09 am

With Memorial Day weekend just a couple of short days away and swimming season approaching quickly, shopping for girls swimwear must be on many parents’ minds. With so many choices available in stores and online, it may seem like an easy task to choose a cute swimsuit for your little girl. However, it’s not that simple. Girls these days are much more selective and many prefer a certain style of swimsuit. Some of them won’t even look at the the bikini, some of them wear exclusively  1pc swimwear and  some prefer tankinis. Style especially matters for tween girls, who become aware of their bodies and are very selective in what they will put on, especially around friends. My 12 year old doesn’t want to hear about anything other that 1pc swimsuit and wants to cover as much as possible. Some of her friends however, only wear bikinis. So, when shopping for girls swimwear, it’s always a good idea to ask your child about the style preference, as many stores do not refund swimwear. If you are shopping for infant girl or toddler girl swimwear, you may want to consider a 2pc swimsuit, because that would make diaper changing much easier. It is not  fun pulling a wet swimsuit off the wiggling toddler. Worried about sun-burns? You may want to choose rash guard swimsuit.


 Looking for something cutesy with ruffles and sequins? Kate Mack is a way to go.

Another big consideration in purchasing designer girls swimwear  is quality of the garment. Kids spent a lot more time in the pool during summer than adults do, so their swimsuits get exposed to lot sof chlorine and sun. You don’t want to go shopping again after a couple of weeks of wear. That’s why it is  a good idea to purchase 2 or 3 at a time and make sure that you only buy best quality swimwear, you will save money in the long run. At Littlefashionsboutique, we carry only high quality brands like Kate Mack, Submarine  & Floatimini.  This girls swimwear is made with high quality lycra and has UV protection.

Another thing to remember while shopping for swimwear is sizing.  Swimwear brands run quite differently and some are cut quite small. For examle, Submarine Swimwear is cut only in even sizes and needs to be purchased a size-up. Floatimini is also cut on the small side and Kate Mack swimwear is cut more tru to size. Always ask questions before buying girls swimsuits- that will save money and time. Have fun shopping!

Subamrine Swimwear



May 17, 2012 on 3:57 pm

Have you heard about One Posh Kid? No? Well, neither have I until the owner of One Posh Kid owner contacted me last year and suggested that I take a look at their Spring 2012 Collection. It was love at first sight. Adorable little girls dresses  & outfits in bold colors and prints with fun rosettes and creative embelishments simply melted my heart. One Posh Kid became a customer favorite right away. We were even more impressed when we received out shipment, quality of One Posh Kid did not disappoint either. If you did not get a chance to shop for One Posh Kid clothing thsi spring, it is not too late. We still have some amazing outfits in stock and they are now discounted.


One Posh Kid Zebra Everything Roses Girls Party dress             

This precious little girls dress features beautiful hot pink

rosette bodice and tiered zebra print semi-sheer skirt with

hot pink piping around the edges. The wide elastic straps

are sure to keep her comfortable and happy, she will be

ready to party in this awesome dress whether it’s her own

birthday or she is going to her friend’s.

One Posh Kid Pink Love Me Lots 2pc Pants Set is another great outfit that you

don’t want to miss. This beautiful ruffled 2pc pants set  is

especially fabulous for baby girls & toddler girls. This

fabulous 2pc set comes in light pink knit cotton embelished with hot pink rosette heart

on the chest and adourned with tastefull leopard bows in the center of heart and on top of

pant ruffles. She will receive an incredible amount of compliments in this fabulocity.

Great for a  birthday party or a family barbecue.


May 13, 2012 on 4:32 pm

For those of you who are new to, you should know that we specialize in  trendy Tween Clothing  for girls in size 7 to 16. We offer especially amazing selection of Special Occasion Tween Dresses that every picky little girl is sure to love. One of our favorite and most popular collections for tween girls is Sara Sara. Sara Sara is a division of a company that produces a popular little girls collectioin of trendy girls sportswear & dresses – Hannah Banana.  Age appropriate and up-to-trend tween dresses by Sara Sara have become a favorite in our store since they day we started carrying this line.  We are very excited to present new Fall 2012 Collection by Sara Sara that is now available for pre-order at Fall 12 Sara Sara collection offers an amazing selection of sequined girls dresses, coloblock tween dresses and fun tween sheath dresses with embelishments and tulle.


You can pre-order Sara Sara Fall 12 Dresses now with 25% deposit option using a credit card: American express, Visa or Mastercard, you will be automatically charged only 25% deposit.