July 1, 2007 on 10:07 pm

>Children’s footwear styles continue to follow in the steps of big people for Fall 2007, but with silhouettes and embelishments that are pure kid’s stuff. Influenced by apparel trends ranging from delicate Victorian-inspired looks to the softer side of military where camo still reigns supreme, the upcoming footwear collections are fun, wearable and focus on keeping little feet comfortable.
The key trends in children’s footwear for Fall 2007:

  • The tailored riding boot for girls
  • The boots with an “X” games man look for boys

It’s all in the details.

Embelishments are key components for kids shoes this fall. Forget clean and sleek – collections for children are whimsical and witty. Details like decorative stitching lend the feeling of hand-made touches. Layering of natural materials with accented pop-colors are also a leading trend.. The trends in embelishemnts range from multiple combinations of materials – such as leathers, nubucks and textiles – versus all-leather styles. Jewells, snowflakes and glitter also come into play. Another leading trend in girl’s footwear is distressed/washed leather with hardware in silver, gold and antiqued tones.

Color Wheel.

Muted tones, warm hues and soft browns comprise the palette for fall 2007. There’s a lot of bronze for fall, look for wonderful browns. There’s no question brown is a staple color; it looks good with pumpkins, pinks and blues being used in the clothing.

Another leading color trend is all shades of pink and burgundy as well as all shades of green. Camouflage continues to be important but it’s done more like an abstract print. Camo canvas is out there but it’s freshened-up in so many different ways, like a splatter-like appearance.

See the link below to see what Littlefashionsboutique.com has to offer for Fall 2007.