April 10, 2007 on 1:08 am


I can’t beleive it took me over a month to finally find some time to write in this new Fashion Blog. With all the pre-holiday shopping and Summer 2007 merchandise arriving daily there was hardly any time for anything. Now that almost all of our Summer Merchandise is in Stock, hopefully we’ll have a bit more time to post regularly in this blog.

I hope you had a great Holiday weekend and wish all of you and your families lots of happiness and Happy Spring!

Here in New York, it doesn’t seem like Spring is coming any time soon. Yesterday, during Easter Hat parade on Fifth Avenue, it was festive and crowded, but quite chilly. You could even see large snowflakes flying in the air and landing on all the fancy hat decorations of the participants.
But guess what? Spring is late this year, and summer is not even around the corner, but.. we are already thinking about Fall. We have purchased all Fall 2007 Collections by now and are now acceptiong pre-orders for Corky and Co Coats and Hannah Banana and Baby Sara. Both of these collections are quite popular and tend to sell fast. Most of our Corky Coats come with matching hats and mittens, but we do not sell them separately. Please have this in mind while shopping for a coat somewhere else.

Also, please make sure to check our First Summer Clearance Sale of the season! Many new arrivals have just been reduced.

Thank you for reading!
We’ll post soon again about Fall 2007 Fashion Trends in children’s wear.